Licences and Capacities

Main Hall Capacity

The Main Hall is licenced for a maximum of 150 people close seated, 100 seated at tables and 150 non-seated. Maximum number of 2 persons permitted in wheelchairs.

Club Room Capacity

The Club Room is licenced for a maximum of 60 people close seated, 48 seated at tables and 60 non-seated.

Griffin Room Capacity

The Griffin Room is licenced for a maximum of 25 people close seated, 25 seated at tables and 25 non-seated.

Activities Licence (or Premises Licence)

The Village Hall is licenced for plays, films, indoor sporting events, live music, recorded music and dance performances.  Click Here to view the Premises Licence.

Alcohol Licence

The Village Hall does not have a licence for the sale of alcohol. Hirers can supply their own alcohol for their own consumption.

Children and Vulnerable Protection Policy

It shall be the responsibility of any Hirer to obtain any licence if required.