Booking Secretaries Newsletter

It is so good to be able to write to you all in April knowing there are strong signs we are in the first stages of opening the doors of your Ferring Village Hall and for our village to see the return of this much loved hub of our village community.
We are inviting all who will be returning to be creative, and update your posters for the display boxes. These are our shop windows and we would like to see lots of colour and energy to broadcast your return with your contact details, which could be email addresses if preferred. If you are undecided at the moment, but wish to return at some point in the future, we will be happy to hear from you too when you are ready. We would like to remove all old posters from the boxes ready for a fresh start. Maybe replace them with a poster with the name of your club or association, and a general message inviting the village community to watch your space for further updates when you know more. We understand several national clubs are waiting for the thumbs up.
Our Website and Facebook page are also a good way to pass the word. If this poses a bit of a challenge we have a team ready and willing to help you. Remember we also add our own news items onto our website too.
The idea is to inform new people coming to live in our lovely Village how to contact your clubs, which could be of interest to them. In addition, to all the residents who will be thinking their local Village Hall is a good place to come before they start travelling greater distances. We are open to suggestions from you too as we begin to breathe life into our Village Hall. We are all looking forward to seeing the return of FADS and the Film Club to name but two in due time.
As before the posters need to be of A4 size, in colour and laminated to protect them from the strong rays of the sun. If possible think about refreshing them every few months so there is something new and fresh to draw attention. Please post through the Village Hall letter box in an A4 envelope, and let us know by email for us to arrange a collection. It is also a good idea to include 2 size A5 posters for the notice boards inside the hall.
                    Your posters ideally need to be on display as soon as possible to make the village aware.
Please write to the Booking Secretaries on if there is anything else you need to know.
The Trustees next AGM meeting will be on Saturday, 29th May starting at 9.00am.
Please write to our Secretary on to confirm you would like to attend. 
There will be limited spaces due to social distancing.
Thank you all again for your amazing support, and the Trustees look forward to welcoming our new clubs and also the return of our regular hirers in the near future.
Take care and stay safe.
Best Wishes
Jeannette & Janet
Booking Secretaries