Booking Secretaries’ Newsletter

Hi Everyone
The Booking Secretaries are delighted to confirm the new Hallmaster booking system is fully launched, which makes it possible to process your bookings and invoices online. You can find availability, and make your booking requests at any time of the day or night. In addition, by using our automatic system it allows you to create your own account and also add or amend an existing account. You are also able to view your bookings and any invoices at any time. We invite you to visit our website and play with the diary and familiarize yourselves. Your booking secretaries will guide you. If you have any questions please write to us on (For the attention of Janet Jolley) and when writing please make it a new message as this will be easier for us to write to each one of you individually.

Your Village Hall will continue to give free of charge, a 15 minute buffer at the beginning and end of each booking session to allow for the extra time required to clean, set up and put away. This obviously will have an effect on our timetable as we are still not able to use the Griffin Room. Some Clubs have decided not to return and some are still not sure.

The Griffin Room and Kitchens remain closed as they do not meet social distancing requirements. There are specific zones for using the toilet facilities and also the flow of people. There are several automatic hand sanitizers and cleaning products as well as a dedicated recovery area, should anyone become unwell. It is ready with all the necessary emergency numbers to call and first aid equipment on hand. For those who have smartphones, with the NHS Tracker app, you can use the displayed QR code.

What has worked really well was inviting each individual hirer to come along for a one on one chat to discuss the needs of their group and to walk through the Main Hall or the Club Room, which also helped them to visualize numbers. We will continue to use this system once we are able to re-open. We continue to keep the building secure. The heating is set low when the building is empty, and we take further economic zoning measures in each room when in use. It is still cleaned regularly and there are procedures in place for deep cleans when required.

Currently we are closed, but with all our positive energy we are looking forward to reopening at the earliest opportunity and will keep you updated.

All our plans continue to be built and achieved on team work with you and us working together to be able to keep your Village Hall available both for fun, health and mental welfare. We would like to thank again all the hirers who returned to experience the ‘new norm’ and how positively it has been received. It is truly outstanding.

We can not emphasise enough how these difficult times have brought so many of us together, and this is reflected further as we look forward to welcoming 6 new Trustees. It is exciting to introduce new people with fresh ideas, as we continue with our plans by having zoom meetings to prioritize and manage the Village Hall until we are able to safely return.

The Trustees of your Village Hall have been as active as ever during recent months, and are keen to plan for the future. To this end they continue to look after the upkeep of the building, and over the coming weeks you will see external activity whilst we clear the ground to the rear of the property.

We hope you feel this newsletter has been helpful and restored your spirits that village life will return. There are many of us who are in a difficult place, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

As usual we send you our very best wishes and hope you are all staying safe and well.